The New Church in Me : Regeneration

For no new church is ever established until the previous one has been laid waste. ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

I continue my study of the Word through the Logopraxis method. I have found it both rewarding and challenging. As I read the Word, it isn't always clear how the Lord is speaking to me. It's not Him, mind you, it's me. My proprium gets in the way. I sometimes have difficulty focusing and find myself having to re-read certain sections. I've read the words, but my concentration has been elsewhere. It's the same feeling you get when you realize you don't remember having just driven the last four blocks. What? did I get here? I've just mindlessly gone through the familiar motions of reading the text but not comprehending its meaning.

We've been back together as a Logopraxis group since August 6th (after summer break) and we have gained a couple of new participants. It's great that our group is growing. I like the variation in perspectives on the readings, and know that this is how the Lord reaches each of us - through each other and our connection with the Word. It happens so often that someone says what I'm feeling or what I hoped to say, but just couldn't find the words, and I feel reassured that the Lord is hearing my prayer for understanding, and answering me through them.

ACV6 S17: 4513 to 4534

4516: For no new church is ever established until the previous one has been laid waste.

4523 [3] All things without exception have not only come into being from the First, but are being kept in being from the First. For if every single thing were not constantly coming into being, it would instantly perish.

[4] Because every single thing that exists in the natural system is kept in being from a world above the natural, which is called called the spiritual, there must be a continuous connection. The purer, more interior things are forms able to receive influx. Man is a tiny spiritual world in miniature form. Spiritual man is an image of the Lord.

4525 The reason why the correspondence of man is more immediate - more exact - is that he has been created as to thoughts and affections to be raised up from the natural world, consequently to have thoughts about God, to be moved by affection for the Divine, and thereby to be joined to Him.

4528 People in the gardens of paradise are in intelligence and widsom - the gardens not only gladden the eye but also the understanding.

  1. To accept and consciously acknowledge that the Lord has my regeneration process in hand. Take notice of when I begin to worry about this process and thoughts about doing it correctly. Recognize that these thoughts are my proprium resisting necessary change - its eventual destruction. Acknowledge that the proprium is seeking to justify itself.
  2. When these thoughts prevail, consciously turn my thoughts upward, as is the intended direction. Dwell upon thoughts of the Lord and seek His will. Actively desire to be raised up and joined with Him. Visualize myself as a spiritual image of the Lord, and place my thoughts with the intention of receiving influx from Him.
  3. The Lord has this process in His hands completely.


We're into week two of this session and just this morning I was reminded about the importance of forgiveness, and how it's not a process that happens all at once.

Forgiving this person is something I have to face again and again. The hellish spirits who seek to influence my decisions want me to relive the hurt, anger, and resentment and to dwell on it. They receive joy from my mental suffering.

Each time I am reminded of the person that stirs up negative emotions, I have to reach for the higher thoughts of forgiveness. Lifting my thoughts (dwelling on the Lord) does help that forgiving feeling to emerge, and I find it comes sooner each time, so I'm not left dwelling on the pain too long, and the more I consciously forgive that person, the less I think about the pain and suffering of our time together.*

*Post-publication note: See the next post on Forgiveness for a comment from David Millar regarding this submission.

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